2011 Top ten Anthropocene data visualizations

Some stunning visualizations came online in 2011. Here’s my top ten.

1. Globaia’s Anthropocene Mapping 1.2

2. International Space Station time lapse from North to South America

3. 300 years of fossil fuels in 300 seconds

4. Visualizing the global digital divide (Gregor Aisch)

5. History of the world in 100 seconds, according to Wikipedia. Watch the time ticker bottom right. Historic events in Wikipedia are cross referenced with latitude and longitude coordinates.

6. Globaia, From Ecosphere to Anthrosphere

7. NOAA, 800,000 year carbon dioxide record. This is a visualization of arguably the world’s most important dataset: the palaeo record of carbon dioxide. It shows unambiguously how far beyond natural boundaries we have travelled in just a few generations.

8. National Geographic, 7 billion

9. NOAA, the Big Heat visualized

10. Facebook. Facebook is the pinnacle of the Industrial Revolution: the industrialization of friendship. (Paul Butler, technically 2010).

(I am using the term “data visualizations” quite loosely to include animations and movies.)

And there’s more…

It’s Christmas, let’s throw in a few more crackers from 2010:

BBC the Joy of Stats. Hans Rosling’s whistle-stop tour of the last 200 years (2010)

BBC, How Earth Made Us (2010)

6 thoughts on “2011 Top ten Anthropocene data visualizations

      1. What are you talking about? There are 100’s of groups today trying to save animals endangered or otherwise. Unlike 100’s of years ago, when people saw an rare or endangered animal, their first thought was “Does it taste like chicken?”

  1. I have been paying attention. Most of the videos clearly show that the world is becoming a better place. We are wealthier, healthier, more connected, and greener. Don’t you find it amazing that we as a wealthy society can trump most geological processes, we can instantly communicate with billions of other people almost anywhere on the planet, we can travel to almost anywhere on the planet in just a few hours, unheard of just a few decades ago? We are living in an amazing time in history, you should embrace the future, not fear it. The end is not near, we are just at the beginning of the future. Your children and grandchildren are in for an amazing future that none of us can even imagine. Just my glass half full opinion.


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